Free versus Fair Trade debate

Free versus Fair Trade?fairtrade_logo1.gif

Wednesday 4th November, 5.00 p.m. for 5.15 p.m. start
DAV 014 (David Building), Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge

Free entry

  • What are the relative merits of free and fair trade?
  • Is there any common ground?
  • Can trade benefit the developing world?

Sir Teddy Taylor, Free Trade League, one-time MP for Southend-on-Sea
Toby Quantrill, Head of Public Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation

There will also be a short account of a visit to a Fairtrade project

  • Does Fairtrade benefit the developing communities to a degree consistent with its price premium?
  • Would eliminating British, or EU, trade barriers, agricultural subsidies and such like effectively help developing countries?
  • And are these two schemes in any way comparable in benefits, ease of introduction, or potential competition as methods?
  • Should there be competition among Fairtrade certification schemes?

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