Real Time Information: Queen Edith’s bus stops

Real Time Information is the technical term for the lighted panels at bus stops that tell you how long your bus will take to arrive. Quite handy when you are trying to work out whether to get the bus that doesn’t take you quite where you want to go, or wait for the next direct one; or even to decide whether or not you’d be quicker just walking.

We’ve been asked for views on which of the following stops benefit, or would benefit most from RTI displays. If you use buses from these stops, please give us your views:

  • Mowbray Road opposite Mander Way (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Mander Way (outbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Glebe Road (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road opposite Glebe Road (outbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Holbrook Road (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road opposite Holbrook Road (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way opposite no 13 (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way outside no 13 (inbound)
  • Wulfstan Way opposite Queen Edith Chapel (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way outside Queen Edith Chapel (inbound)

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