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School parking is a police priority

by admin on 7 March, 2012

Children have a right to be able to walk or cycle to school in safety.

At the recent South Area meeting, Lib Dem councillors called for police to take a tougher approach towards people parking illegally and dangerously outside schools.

The South Cambridge Neighbourhood Community Police Team has been targeting dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside Morley Memorial and Queen Edith’s Primary Schools since last September, telling people when they are parking where they shouldn’t be.

Policing outside these schools will continue, but now the police will be issuing tickets for parking offences as opposed to merely ‘advising’ motorists.

They will also start observing parking outside Homerton Children’s Centre on Holbrook Road and the Perse Pelican Pre-Prep in Glebe Road.

The tougher approach is necessary. Children have a right to be able to walk or cycle to school safely. The police will be visiting at the beginning and end of the school day, but they cannot be everywher at once. If you spot parking on junctions or worse still, yellow zigzags, ring the police on their new non-emergency number, 101.

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