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Your vote is needed again – this time for charity’s sake

by Amanda Taylor on 18 May, 2012

Every year, Sainsbury’s runs a Charity of the Year contest.

I shall be giving my vote to the Cambridge City Foodbank – which collects donations from shoppers at Sainsbury’s in Coldhams Lane, Cambridge. They also collect at Waitrose and Asda , but I believe Sainsbury’s was the first Cambridge supermarket to welcome Foodbank into their foyer – at least, that’s what they said when I did a session last year.

Cambridge City Foodbank would really appreciate your visiting Sainsbury’s and voting for them as Charity of the Year. This will strengthen their position and their chances of being able to continue collecting there on a monthly basis. You can vote any time between tomorrow (9th May) and the end of May. You need to fill in a form saying what the charity contributes to the local community, and how it helps people. Here is a copy of the form, in the Sainsbury’s ‘It’s Time to Nominate your Favourite Local Charity leaflet: CAMCANON_Canon018_1648_001

Merrilyn from the Foodbank advises:

CCfb is meeting a food need for people in crisis in the local community; food is donated and there is no charge to recipients.

CCfb is manned by volunteers and signposting to other agencies is part of the service.
Sainsbury’s can help by allowing food collections/making donations.
The contact email to give is [email protected]. The charity collects food from churches and schools and takes it to Pickfords on Clifton Road. There, it is boxed up to provide food boxes for three days. Those in need apply via the Citizens Advice Bureau, health visitor or other care agency.

The Foodbank tell me their clients are steadily increasing and it is crucial that they have a regular quantity of food coming in for the people in need.

If you would like to donate, then click here for a shopping list of the items required. Foodbank

Cambridge City Foodbank is a local charity launched in 2010 by the Cambridge city churches. It aims to help people in crisis by providing emergency food and other essentials at that very difficult time when they are waiting to be assessed by other care agencies.

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