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Defend local pubs and independent shops

by admin on 9 July, 2012

On Tuesday 10th July Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, will propose new measures to defend local pubs and independent shops from being taken over. Under the current system, councils and local residents often have no opportunity to stop the process.

Julian will ask to bring a Bill preventing the demolition or change of use of a pub or local independent shop without planning permission. Planning permission would also be needed before premises or land could be used for a supermarket.

If you agree that pubs and independent shops need greater protection against being lost, please sign Julian’s petition here.

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  1. L. Thurston says:

    I am an independent shop and tesco are doing this to me by putting a shop in a pub 50 yards from my door. This will cause me to close with the lose of 13 jobs my council refused permission but they have now gone to the planning inspectorate. I need help i stand to loose everything even my home and no one cares

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