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Giving it up for Romsey Mill

by admin on 24 February, 2013

My employer, Cambridge University Press, is a partner of Romsey Mill, and I thought I would tell you about their seasonal appeal.

Romsey Mill is a charity that helps young people all over Cambridgeshire: it’s a Christian charity, but you don’t have to be a Christian to want to help!

This is what they have to say:

It is a sad reality that some of the young people who attend our groups come to us in the afternoon not having eaten since breakfast, if at all, that day. We often provide food as part of our groups, or do cooking activities, for this reason.  In some areas of north-east Cambridge, 1 in 3 children live in families that are in receipt of benefits, many of whom are entitled to claim free school meals. Statistics show that not all of these families claim their entitlement.

So, could you ‘Give it up for Romsey Mill’? At this time of year, many people give something up for Lent, and often it is related to food and drink. If you decide to do the same, could you donate the money you save to Romsey Mill, to help children and young people in Cambridgeshire who don’t have the luxury of giving something up?

Donate £30 for giving up chocolate (based on the price of one chocolate bar each day)

Donate £25 for giving up crisps (based on the price of one packet per day)

Donate £46 for giving up meat (based on a substitution of meat with a vegetarian alternative for the main meal of the day every day during Lent)

Donate £39 for giving up alcohol (based on the price of a bottle of wine per week)

Donations can be made via our website, by cash or by cheque made payable to ‘Romsey Mill’.

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