Dog problems

dogs_no fouling signFrom time to time, people contact the Lib Dem Focus Team about dog fouling – a subject that isn’t very pleasant, but which definitely needs to be addressed.

Most responsible dog owners would not allow their dogs to foul grass verges and pavements; if they did, they would clear up afterwards. But a minority do – and it is dangerous. Apart from being unsightly, dog dirt is a health hazard, especially for young children, and can cause asthma and eye disorders.

Recently, we have had complaints in various streets and passageways, ncluding Godwin Close-Gunhild Close, Wulfstan Way-the Queen Edith’s Primary School; and most recently, Hulatt Road.

I asked the City Council to do something about Hulatt Road – and they have . The council dog warden and other members of the enforcement team now include this area as part of their patrols. They will hand out dog poo bags to any dog owners who don’t have them, and speak to the owners about the offence of failing to clear up. They’ve also replaced the old and faded lamppost stickers with new ones.

By pure coincidence, I bumped into the weekend Enforcement Officer this afternoon, when he was on patrol. So the Council is certainly on the case!

Meanwhile, if you know of anyone who allows their dogs to foul the area and does not clear up afterwards, please let the Council’s enforcement team have the address and they will call.

Email:[email protected] or telephone 458062.

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