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The green belt and the Cambridge Local Plan

by admin on 18 April, 2013

local planAs I have been canvassing in this election, many people have asked me where I stand on the Cambridge Local Plan proposals – particularly the development sites in the Queen Edith’s area (Wort’s Causeway) which are currently in the Green Belt.

If elected to the County Council, I would not have a vote on this issue. However, I have put in a representation objecting to both the Wort’s Causeway proposals, as well as to CC911, an earlier proposal that was much more extensive. On the City Council website, you will find my comments summarized. Here they are:

The numbers proposed would overwhelm the existing residential community. Wort’s Causeway doesn’t have that many houses, and an extra 250-500 would overwhelm them.

The proposed developments are likely to compromise existing travel patterns, both private and public – in particularly, the operation of the Park & Ride buses. They would put extra pressure on local schools, and medical facilities; the schools are already full, and doctor’s surgeries in nearby Wulfstan Way are already busy.

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