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Marque building works

by admin on 7 October, 2013

The builders carrying out the erection of The Marque on the corner of Hills and Cherry Hinton Road are using the pavement and cycleway for working in, which means no cycle lanes until the work is complete. I have heard this isn’t likely to be until Christmas!

Meanwhile, I have heard complaints from people who are finding Hills Road even harder to cross than usual, as well as seen the extra congestion in the mornings for myself. On some days the builders are using the car lane as well as the bike lanes for carrying materials, and this morning there was a lorry parked right in front of the traffic lights.

I am making enquiries as to what hours they are allowed to operate, and to see whether safer working practices can be followed. This is already one of the most dangerous junctions in Cambridge and it is unacceptable that it should be made worse. The route is used by many people, including children going to and from Morley and Coleridge.

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