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Cycle Theft Alert

by admin on 20 June, 2014

The local police have just sent out the following eCops alert:
We have received 17 reports of cycles being stolen in Cambridge over the last 24 hours at the following locations:-

North –Arbury Court

South – 2 x Speedwell Close, Wulfstan Way, George IV Street, Lucerne Close, Hills Road and Gresham Road

East – Argyle Street, Beehive Centre and Clifton Way

West – Storeys Way, Cockcroft Place and Grange Road

City – Park Terrace, Queens Lane and Burleigh Street

Eight of the thefts occurred overnight, the other nine were daytime offences. Most of the cycles were locked to cycle racks.

Please remember:

• Park your bike where everyone can see it – other people will also see if someone is trying to steal it

• Don’t leave your bike in the same place every day

• Lock ‘tight’ so that your bike is hard to move around when parked

• Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or other immoveable object and fill the lock with as much of the bike as possible, or a thief may steal the bike and leave the wheels behind. Also, make sure the post can’t be cut through or the bike lifted off it

• Locks can be picked, so face the lock to the ground (but not resting on it) so it can’t easily be turned upwards for picking

• Take with you any items that can be removed without tools such as wheels, lights, pump, saddle etc

You can security mark and register your bike at and . It’s also a good idea to place a sticker on your bike to advertise the fact that it is traceable.

For more information on cycle security please visit .

If you see something suspicious please call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

Kate Thwaites
Community Safety Officer – Cambridge City

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