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Hills Road cycleway this weekend

by Amanda Taylor on 21 July, 2016

Red tarmac going down

Red tarmac going down

Hills Road cycleway update: The County Council have advised me that their contractors will be laying down the final stretch of tarmac on the new cycleway Hills Road this Sunday — between Glebe Road and the end of the cycleway near Queen Edith’s Way and Long Road.

A reminder that there is still time to comment on the proposals for cycleways on Queen Edith’s Way and for the Fendon Road roundabout – until 1st August.


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  1. Paul says:


    I walked down Hills rd from Queen Ediths way yesterday, is this now supposed to be finished ?

    Why is the bit from holbrook rd out of down finished in black tarmac and why is there kitty litter where there’s supposed to be sedum planting ?

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the question on here. I hope you’ve had the email from the County Council explaining that the black tarmac is temporary until they get their next big stretch of pink tarmac material and that the sedum will be coming. I hope that the new sedum will thrive better than the first lot.

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