Hills Road closure: seven questions

County Council officers claim there are ‘many good reasons’ why they need to close Hills Road to enable construction of new cycleways. It is set to be a 24-7 closure, starting in May and lasting for five months. I can see many reasons why this is a bad idea and have grave concerns about access to the hospital (especially the Rosie Maternity Hospital and A&E), the impact on students sitting exams, and the knock-on effect on smaller, neighbouring roads. I have put seven questions to the County Council:

1. What studies have been done of the impact on neighbouring roads?

2. What contact has there been with schools and colleges in the area, and what has their response been?

3. What has the response been from Addenbrooke’s A&E Department, the Rosie Maternity Hospital and the ambulance service?

4. As the closure is proposed to begin in May, what contact has there been with the City Council elections department as to how this might affect people going to vote in local elections?

5. What assessment was done of alternative options such as a non-peak closure?

6. What arrangements are proposed for non-vehicular traffic?

7. How will residents access their homes?

I await their response. Meanwhile, if you have additional questions, please keep them coming.

Also, visit the exhibition on Thursday where the plans will be on display:

Thursday 26th January 17.30 – 19.30 St John the Evangelist Church, Hills Road.

2 thoughts on “Hills Road closure: seven questions

  1. Paul says:

    Will they publish and keep updated a project plan this time ?
    It seems the decision to close the road has already been made (there’s a booking on https://www.cambridgeshire.roadworks.org/ for Feb-September which was create in december) but will all other non-essential works be vetoed and will the traffic light sequencing be modified so cars on both rounabouts can’t block everything else.

    What assurance are there that this will run to schedule as the track record is appaling, and where is the promised report looking at what went wrong with part 1?

    Where is the plan for the addenbrookes roundabout as this all seems to be being done piecemeal with no overall plan.

  2. […] many people wanted to know about the proposed five-month full road closure. Our County Councillor, Amanda Taylor, has been vocal in her opposition to this. I was particularly alarmed by the commenter on my previous article who pointed out that the simple […]

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