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Using Addenbrooke’s access road? You could be fined.

by admin on 9 May, 2017

The Addenbrooke’s access road is experiencing increased volumes of traffic unconnected with the Biomedical Campus – no doubt in desperation at the never-ending delays on Hills Road. The NHS Trust management say that 400-650 vehicles a day are using the road as a rat-run, rather than to access the hospital – although they do not say how the journey purpose is established.

They have announced that from 22nd May, drivers using the road as a short-cut will be hit with a £50 fine, using data from Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.  The enforcement will apply to Addenbrooke’s Road at its intersection with Dame Mary Archer Way and Frances Crick Avenue at the roundabout, Robinson Way, Adrian Way and the main drive from Hills Road.


2 Responses

  1. James says:

    and have they clarified how this can be justified. Given it merely pushes the problem in the pre-existing roads.
    Being that the apparent cause were missed/late appointments, but no clarification on its frequency or severity.
    Equally it now prevents car-sharers using this road where they might be dropping off someone on site.
    Finally, all those living off Addenbrookes road now have to travel in the opposite direction to get anywhere.
    Also at congested times, whether using as a rat-run or not, the vehicles will be taking longer than the required amount of time to register as short-cutting.
    It will, therefore, only penalise those that are using the route during quieter periods when it is not causing any side-effects (i.e., late at night – no appointments, no congestion, but still potential to be fined).

  2. Anita Gilchrist says:

    Hi. My son just back from uni, used to access long road, when doing A levels, now has a fine, as not aware of the new signposting. He lives on a small loan, uses a driving job to make ends meet. He refuses to pay the in my opinion hefty fine.

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