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Big Green Bus Company to take over the 114

by admin on 2 September, 2017

The Haverhill-based Big Green Bus Company has taken over the 114 bus service running between Addenbrooke’s and the Grafton Centre, previously operated by Whippet Coaches before they deregistered the 114 and 16 other services at the beginning of the summer.

The route is the same but timings are slightly different. Here is the new timetable.

The 114 bus service is subsidised by Cambridgeshire County Council, which was not anticipating Whippet pulling out so suddenly. Councillors discussed the deregistrations at the August meeting of the Economy and Environment committee. I attended on behalf of Queen Edith’s and explained that the 114 reaches streets that are not covered by other bus routes, providing a service to people in Mowbray Road, Lichfield Road and Hulatt Road who would find it hard to get to other services. It enables people to get from here to Sainsbury’s and the Beehive Centre, and in the other direction, it brings people to Addenbrooke’s.

I am pleased to report that the committee voted to retender the service.


2 Responses

  1. Mrs Angela Pawsey says:

    What happens to the regular driver of the 114 who has been an amazing asset on this route.
    He is the most thoughtful, kind and caring person for whom nothing is too much trouble. Always cheerful and uplifting, no matter what the weathers!!

    We as the local community truly hope you have considered his situation for him, and his family. As for the new service, I hope it is as reliable as this one.

    • Hi Angela,

      I have heard reports from other people about a very friendly and helpful driver — it has to be the same gentleman!

      But the post you are commenting on is from 18 month ago, when the Big Green Bus Company took over from Whippet. Whippet pulled out of most of their Cambridge services in 2017. The County Council, which subsidises the bu s service, retendered the 114 in order to keep it going, and the Big Green Bus Co. took it on.

      There is no change at present as far as I know and if the service is working well, I hope there will not be.

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