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It’s not just the clocks you need to check on Sunday

by Amanda Taylor on 25 October, 2017

clock-705672_960_720The UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time at 2am on Sunday, October 30 when all clocks are turned back to 1am.

Most electronic devices these days will change the time for you, so you’ve no need to worry – but I want to make sure residents do not miss that extra hour – we all need our beauty sleep!

Evenings will become noticeably darker, with dusk falling as early as 4pm – just as schoolchildren are travelling home and rush hour in Cambridge begins.

As one of Cambridge’s many cyclists, I’ll be checking my bike lights are in working order. It’s amazing how the batteries die over the summer months – let’s not get caught out, or worse still, get hurt on the roads.

Another thing to check when changing clocks is the smoke alarm batteries. Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can cost lives but early detection of fires saves lives and can reduce damage to house and contents. Smoke alarms provide the best early warning system in the event of a fire by combining smoke detection and alarm sounding in one unit. Statistics show that fewer deaths or serious injuries occur in households where smoke alarms are installed and maintained.

For further information on these lifesaving devices go to
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