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Residents’ parking update

by admin on 4 November, 2017

A new residents’ parking scheme is being installed in the Morley area (from the Cherry Hinton Rd/ Hills Rd junction down to Blinco Grove).  The residents’ parking signs are now all in place. Parking_Guide___Morley_Area_2017

Parking bays have been painted on parts of Rathmore Road and Marshall Road, and lining will follow. Rock Road will be next, then Hartington Grove, Blinco Grove and Magnolia Close.

As many residents know, the painting of lines did not start on time. If the delay has caused you individual problems, please email me with the details, and I will take things up with the Council.

Coleridge west

A consultation for the west Coleridge area is being carried out now and will run until 4th December. If you live in any of the streets on the map* you can take part on line at, or complete a paper form.

There is also an information event on Tuesday 7th November (5-7pm) at the Mill Road Baptist Church, 178 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3LP, where officers will present their proposals for this area.

*Coleridge west streets


Consultations will take place in other parts of Cambridge over the next year or so. Residents’ parking schemes will be introduced IF a majority of respondents support them.


6 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    No surprises here but the effects of the the new parking scheme are certainly being felt in Baldock Way. We are a very narrow street and we now have people parking randomly half on verges causing blockages and damage.

    It must be effecting parents parking or Morley school too.

    This is a street where children walk to school and it is suddenly less safe. Some drives lines of sight has gone and it is now much more dangerous.

    This was completely predictable, the problem has simply been shunted. In my view this is not good enough and short sighted.

    • Hallo Ann, thank you for your comment. I am very much aware of the situation in Baldock Way as I use it most days. Council highways officers are monitoring the parking both there and in Cavendish Avenue at different times of day and night, and I have asked them for proposals to address the verge parking, both short-term and long term.

  2. Joanna Hart says:

    I entirely agree with Ann’s comment above.

    Baldock Way is a very narrow street. People are parking daily on the grass verges either side of Baldock Way, sometimes partly on the road and partly on the verge. This is making it dangerous to drive and be a pedestrian.
    They are also often parked incredibly close to the dropped kerbs so that on occasion I have been unable to get in or out of my own driveway.

    Whilst I appreciate that this is a very complex issue, I hope that there is something that can be done to resolve this issue and persuade people not to park here. Please can you clarify the situation with regards to parking on grass verges etc?
    Have there been any proposals for how to rectify this situation?
    What can be done immediately, whilst proposals are put forward?

    • Good morning Jo. I have been talking to the Council about the possibility of physical barriers, eg posts on the grass or new trees, as well as whether a yellow lines scheme for Cavendish Avenue can be extended to include Baldock Way. I am waiting to hear from the Council on the latter and once I do, I will be writing to everybody. In the meantime, how about putting some stones or your wheelie bin on the verge outside your house?

      • Joanna Hart says:

        Dear Amanda,
        Thank you for your response and I shall eagerly await to hear what the council says about trees/posts on Baldock Way as well as a yellow line scheme.

  3. Joanna Hart says:

    Amanda – I just tried to email you on your email address in the letter I have just received (thank you) but it came back saying the mailbox is unavailable?

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