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Yellow lines update

by admin on 22 January, 2018

Amanda and fencing

New knee-length ‘diamond’ fencing

The yellow lines in Cavendish Avenue and Baldock Way and the disabled parking bay on Baldock Way were painted in the autumn.  Low-level fencing for the verges in the middle section of Baldock Way is also now in place.

Yellow lines in Gunhild Close and Fendon Close have now been painted.


10 Responses

  1. brian camps says:

    what about yellow lines down baldock way now as they are now parking down here as well ,as you know the road is so narrow two cars have trouble passing as it is. the grass verges are getting all cut up

    • Yes, it’s in hand. Investigating the possibility of yellow lines as well as quicker solutions such as fencing or posts on the grass. Another idea is more trees – what do you think?

  2. Mrs Joan Monk says:

    Dear Amanda,

    The notices re single yellow lines on one side of Netherhall Way were displayed and the closing date was I believe 29th September 2917 for any objections, which according to your update there were no objections. When can we expect these yellow lines to be in place, as it is not getting any safer for vehicles to access this road.

    Kind regards,

    Joan Monk

  3. Brian Lenoach says:

    Dear Amanda
    Cl0sure date for objections to Topcliffe Way island yellow lines was December 7. No objections but no lines yet either.
    Dare we hope for action in January?
    Brian Lenoach

  4. alex smith says:

    And still no-one will look at Wulfstan Way between the shops and bungalows. Parking on the road, blocking the resident’s only bays, parking on the pavements and grass. How about some posts and yellow/white lines here? Those with wheelchairs or buggies or the blind cannot negotiate around the cars.

    • Hannah says:

      Agree! The parking is getting out of hand on wulfstan way, Godwin way…I’m sure that it will filter down to Godwin close soon too.

      One thing I would like to see addressed is the speed – it says 20mph but no one ever seems to travel at this speed. I walk this streets regularly and everyone is just using it as a cut through. What can be done about this? Bigger 20mph signs, speed bumps?

  5. Thank you Hannah. May I encourage you to write to the Council supporting the order. re speeding, I am not sure that larger signs would help, as the offenders probably know full well that they are breaking the speed limit. Speed humps would actually make them slow down and I would be interested to know if there is general support for this.

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