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How do you get from Cambridge to Haverhill? Here are three proposals.

by admin on 6 March, 2018

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (City Deal) is presenting three travel strategies designed to get people in and out of Cambridge more quickly, reliably and in a more sustainable fashion. The route starts at the Biomedical Campus (the Addenbrooke’s site) and runs along the A1307 to Haverhill.

The strategies encompass everything from major new infrastructure such as a new Park & Ride site and rapid mass transport to lower cost improvements to the existing highways.

At our end of the route, the highlights are:

  • a right-turn lane from Babraham Road into Granham’s Road
  • extra covered cycle storage and electric car  charging points at the Babraham Road Park & Ride site
  • a multi-user path between the Biomedical Campus and the Babraham Research Campus, for cyclists, pedestrians and horses
  • a right-turn lane for the Gog Farm Shop entrance, and a staggered junction to replace the crossroads
  • an underpass at Wandlebury to make it easier for walkers to get across the road

More information can be found at The GPC promises an advertising campaign and leaflets, though they have not materialised yet, despite the fact the first consultation events are this week.

The GPC is running a consultation running until 3rd April. There are various ways to take part, from letter and telephone to social media and the web.

There will be public exhibitions at various locations, including Queen Edith’s:

4-7 p.m., Thursday 15th March, St John’s Church, Hills Road

8-9.30 a.m., Wednesday 21st March, Babrahm Road Park and Ride site

For those unable to make these times and dates, there will be another chance to hear a presentation at the Queen Edith’s Community Forum AGM on Thursday 8th March, also at St John’s Church.

NB The meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning at the Babraham Road Park and Ride site has just been cancelled due to severe weather.





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  1. Richard Martin says:

    Seriously, just 8-930am (sic)on Wednesday morning ? 90 minutes on a freezing snowy morning ? If right, hardly worth setting it up.

  2. Martin Frost says:

    It’s good to see this issue is being looked at but why are all the presentation in Cambridge. Many of us live in Haverhill use the A1307 but not to go to Cambridge. Any chance these presentation can be show in Haverhill as well. And preferably for more than 30 mins .

    • There have been exhibitions in six places along the route, including an event in Haverhill last Saturday. I have highlighted the events in the Queen Edith’s area as that’s the primary audience for my website.

      The GPC’s consultation leaflet had details of all the events. Their publicity has not been as good as it should have been so councillors and community leaders have had to get the word out ourselves, and the Queen Edith’s Community Forum arranged the presentation in Queen Edith’s themselves.

      What sort of publicity have you had in the Haverhill area?

      • Martin Frost says:

        I have seen little or no publicity in haverhill itself. I work on Granta park Abington and the Cambridge events have been advertised there but not Haverhill ones.

        • Very poor. There have been exhibitions in Linton, Stapleford, Haverhill, Sawston, and Great Abington itself, as well as in Cambridge. If you have a local residents’ association or staff association it might be worth trying to arrange another event yourselves if there was no publicity.

          • Martin Frost says:

            I have been informed on twitter from @GreaterCambs the Haverhill event will be next Thursday 22nd 5 to 8 Pm.
            Thank you for responding to my enquiry.

          • In that case it sounds as though they have put on an extra one. I’m glad that you are aware of it.

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