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Wort’s Causeway: bus lane cameras going live soon

by admin on 6 March, 2020

Managing traffic entering the city via Wort’s Causeway has been a challenge for the County Council for many years. The Council has tried various methods of keeping the road clear for buses and emergency vehicles.

Now, new bus lane cameras have been installed, which will go live at the end of March. Motorists are being reminded to take note.

Enforcement will begin on 12th March in Wort’s Causeway. Drivers will receive warning notices for the first two weeks and fines will be issued from 30th March.

The new ‘bus gates’ will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. Access is restricted for all vehicles except buses, taxis and emergency services between 7.30am and 9.30am Monday to Friday, to give them priority during morning peak times. If vehicles are caught travelling in the area during these times, they will be fined.

Bus gates are already in operation on five other sites in Cambridge City Centre on Station Road, Bridge Street, Emmanuel Road, Regent Street / St Andrews Street and Silver Street.

For more information on ‘bus gates’ visit the Cambridgeshire County Council website:<>

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