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GCP likely to push through Nightingale Avenue road closure

by admin on 1 July, 2020

Our regular South Area meeting was cancelled due to Covid-19, yet we were hit with a bombshell by the Greater Cambridge Partnership when they announced experimental road changes, with no consultation with the public or with local councillors.

As our local councillors, we put on a “Meet Your Councillors” event in Nightingale Park to do what the Council have not done: listen to

And it was really well attended. Due to social distancing, it was necessary to form multiple small groups. We embraced this “break-out” format to ensure everyone had their opportunity to speak.

The feedback was very illuminating. The Queen Edith’s community proved themselves above polarised debate, with the vast majority in favour of compromise. Many people are both drivers and cyclists and favour improved cycling facilities. But a clear majority feel that simple road closures are a blunt instrument, “all carrot and no stick”.

We have had talks with GCP officers to propose compromise solutions but it is likely that officers will push through the original proposal to close Nightingale Avenue to through traffic (after the completion of the Fendon Road works), as well as Luard Road. We then have six months to provide comment

  • The consultation takes place during the experimental period, allowing feedback on the real impact of the scheme. Changes are possible during that time, and if they are made, the six month period for comment would reset. After a maximum of eighteen months, a permanent Traffic Regulation Order must be applied for. This legally requires public consultation.

  • All four councillors have responded to huge amounts of correspondence on this issue, both for and against, and have been available both in person and by phone, email and social media.
    We hope we have reflected the majority of opinion and we have passed on all feedback along with concern at the lack of early involvement in these proposals — which as your councillors, we certainly share!

  • Want to make your views on these changes known? Get in touch with us or email the County Council at [email protected].
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