Spicy wraps on the ‘rec: Queen Edith’s kids cook up a feast

CHYPPSQueen Edith’s young people have been taking outdoor cookery classes as part of the City Council’s CHYYPS (Children and Young People Participation Service) this summer.

On Tuesday, I was invited to go and  sample the results. Despite an unseasonally rainy day (what passes for summer in this country!) there were about 20 children chopping and stirring away, aged between five and twelve, plus their chef tutors in the bright red CHYPPS T-shirts.

We lunched on wraps with a variety of exciting fillings. I had a spicy pepper and tomato mixture in a tortilla-type wrap, washed down with fruit juice — delicious, and much healthier than what I normally have at lunchtime!

It all happens on Wednesdays after school on the small park between Godwin Close and Gunhild Close and sessions will carry on till the end of this term (3.30-5.30 pm). For a map, see here.

The Reccy Ranger for Queen Edith’s, Georgina, tells me she’s hoping to do some more outdoor cooking but there will also be games, sports, arts&crafts and urban adventure play.

Other reccy activities near here:


Coleridge Road, the DEC Bus, 3.30-5.00 p.m.

Aberdeen Avenue (off Brooklands Avenue), the DEC Bus, 6.00 – 8.00 p.m.


Kingfisher Way Rec (off Aberdeen Avenue), Reccy play, 3.30 – 5.00 p.m.

Nightingale Avenue

I am currently working on arranging a summer party on Nightingale Avenue, to celebrate the new MUGA, wheel-friendly walkway and extra tennis court and publicise leisure activities and events this summer. I’ll post details when they are settled; in the meantime, if you would like me to update you by email, drop me a line at [email protected]

All starting at 3.30 p.m.

For more information on this and other children’s events, ring the CHYPPS team on 01223 457873, view their website or email them at [email protected].

Meet the police at the Queen Edith’s School Fête

The Queen Edith County Primary School (Godwin Way) is holding its summer fete this Saturday, 22nd May. These events are great for their teas and hot dogs as well as other fête fun such as bouncy castles, assaults courses, music-making and games. There’s a car boot sale too, so a chance to pick up a bargain.

This year the community police team will be there from about 12.30, advising on crime prevention, so look out for them if you have any issues to discuss.The fête itself starts at 1 p.m. and I understand there are barbecue lunches on sale so it’s a good idea to get there early! More information from the School PSFA.

Wulfstan Way shops makeover

Wulfstan Way shops consultation meeting

Ambitious plans to revitalise a Cambridge shopping centre will be unveiled on Thursday evening (March 11).

The scheme for the parade of shops at Wulfstan Way is being developed following consultation last summer with local residents (see picture), including one survey carried out at the local primary school.


Projects, costing around £250,000 which include landscaping, new paths, seating, lighting, public art and a new community noticeboard, will be put before members of the South Area Committee.


People at the meeting will have an opportunity to comment again, then councillors will decide which projects should be pursued to improve the Cambridge City Council-owned shops.


Queen Edith’s Councillor Amanda Taylor said: “We have listened to residents and schoolchildren who have come up with some excellent ideas of how to improve this local shopping centre.


“Now we want to move forward so that their ideas can be put into practice to revitalise this area, encouraging more people to visit the shops and enjoy this open space.”


The committee will look at introducing two-hour only parking at the centre in a bid to keep spaces exclusively for shoppers. They will also investigate longer opening hours for the shops and additional marketing support.


Anyone wishing to air their views on the plans is invited to attend the South Area Committee at Hills Road VI Form Collegte, starting at 7.30 p.m. There will also be a presentation by the police followed by an invitation to agree priorities for the next quarter, an update on environmental spending, and planning applications. Anyone is welcome to this meeting, which focusses on issues concerning Queen Edith’s, Trumpington and Cherry Hinton.

Police surgery

Police Community Support Officer David Jackson will be at the Cherry Hinton Village Centre on Wednesday 3rd March between 6 and 7pm to listen to people’s concerns or comments about the neighbourhood. He will have information about making your property secure, and how to register your property using a computer data base. Please do go along and let him know what your concerns are, and also let him know if you think the Force is succeeding in its pledge on responding to your call.

If you would like to receive regular updates of police activity in the area, sign up for the Cambridgeshire Constabulary E Cops newsletter by visiting http://www.cambs-police.co.uk/myneighbourhood/ecops/

Cambridgeshire cracking up … a plague of potholes


I and other councillors have been receiving many more calls about potholes recently, partly because of the colder weather but also because of years of inadequate maintenanfce by the County Council.

One of the things people get justifiably annoyed about is that potholes and other problems such as pavement holes sometimes get mended superficially, but not well enough, so that they need repairing again shortly afterwards.

I have just heard from an officer at Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways Department that we shall have a super-team in Queen Edith’s for a week to carry out thorough repairs to the potholes in the ward. For all those of you on Wulfstan Way, your potholes are near the top of the list! The bad news is that ‘our’ week won’t be till the middle of March, but I am promised any dangerous potholes (and they are all dangerous if you are on a bike or have a walking stick…) will be made safe as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let me know of any dangerous potholes that you encounter and we will make sure they go on the list of repairs.

Shocking figures have recently shown just how many roads in Cambridgeshire are substandard– for more details, see the Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrat post, which highlights the lack of maintenance over the years.

Hills Road bus stop problems

Real time information — the lit-up displays at bus stops that tell you when the buses are on their way — are good examples of bus companies and councils working together, and they are very useful if you’re trying to decide which bus to take, or whether it’s quicker to walk.

I know that because when (occasionally) a display is out of order, people tell me!

At present, this is the case with the display at the stop outside the Perse School on Hills Road. I noticed this one myself as it’s my regular bus stop, and as the bus shelter is copiously adorned with graffiti my guess is that the time display may be the work of a vandal.

I have reported both the broken RTI display and the graffiti, to the County Council and e City Council respectively. It will be interesting to see which gets sorted out first … do let me know.

Bin collections cancelled due to heavy snow


The snow has meant that yesterday’s (Friday’s) waste collections in Cambridge had to be cancelled. There is also some impact on car parks.

Details of the Council’s plans can be found on Cambridge City Council’s website, or by calling 01223 458282.

Friday’s blue bin and black bin collections are now planned for Monday (21st). Green bin collections start again on Wednesday.

The BBC is forecasting more snow, so please check the Council’s website for the latest news.

From hanging baskets to old soldiers – and the boys in blue too!

Hanging basket This Thursday, the South Area Committee meets at the British Legion Hall, Fisher Lane, and will be deciding on environmental improvement grants. These grants are funds to improve the appearances of an area visible to the public. We will be considering a range of bids, from  hanging flower baskets in Cherry Hinton to the Trumpington war memorial.

There will be a presentation from the police for the south area, and people at the meeting plus councillors will give their views to help set priorities for the coming months. Councillors will also be voting on planning applications  in Glebe Road, Alpha Terrace and Shelford Road.

Here is the agenda. I look forward to seeing you there!

If you can’t come along but would like me to raise an issue on your behalf, please let me know.

Here is an agenda: http://www.cambridge.gov.uk/public/councillors/agenda/2009/0924areas/00.pdf