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Fashion comes in cycles

by Amanda Taylor on 3 March, 2010

Did you know that only one in four women and girls in the UK ever cycles? I was staggered by this statistic, which came out of research carried out by Sustrans last year. It resulted in a 9,000 petition to the Minister for Transport asking for safer cycle routes. The Cambridge Cycling Campaign (of which […]

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Along with other city councillors, I was asked if I would like to read my council agenda and papers on a ‘tablet’, with the aim of saving paper (and therefore money) as well as carbon usage. We often have agenda papers of 500-1000 pages for some of our meetings, particularly the one I chair, where […]

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Enjoying the fruits of their labours

by Amanda Taylor on 23 February, 2010

Diana Manasseh, a pineapple grower from Ghana, was in Cambridge today telling us all about fair trade pineapple and mango farming and the tangible differences that the fair trade premium makes to the farmers and their families. It was fascinating to hear how the shopping choices we make in Cambridge affects the people who grow […]

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Police surgery

by Amanda Taylor on 22 February, 2010

Police Community Support Officer David Jackson will be at the Cherry Hinton Village Centre on Wednesday 3rd March between 6 and 7pm to listen to people’s concerns or comments about the neighbourhood. He will have information about making your property secure, and how to register your property using a computer data base. Please do go […]

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Tories’ Guided Bus is a laughing-stock

by Amanda Taylor on 21 February, 2010

I picked up an interesting piece of news at a Lib Dem meeting last Thursday. Local bus operator, Stagecoach, is so exasperated at the never-ending delays to the Guided Bus that it is letting everyone know. Its fleet of 15 buses bought a year ago for the busway used to sport ads saying ‘I’ll be […]

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20mph trial in Gunhild Estate

by Amanda Taylor on 17 February, 2010

Councillors on the Cambridge traffic committee have approved a 20mph speed limit trial in the Wulfstan Way area. The trial will start in March and last for twelve months. It will cover Wulfstan Way, Gunhild Way and Godwin Way, and the three cul-de-sacs in that area. The Wulfstan Way area was chosen because it has […]

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Yellow lines in Queen Edith’s

by Amanda Taylor on 11 February, 2010

Conservative policy on parking controls in Cambridgeshire is only to put down yellow lines for safety reasons, not to deter commuter parking, which is one of the most common complaints in Queen Edith’s, neighboured as we are by Addenbrooke’s Hospital and two sixth-form colleges. Funds have accordingly been thinly spread, but we are pleased to […]

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Cambridgeshire cracking up … a plague of potholes

by Amanda Taylor on 3 February, 2010

I and other councillors have been receiving many more calls about potholes recently, partly because of the colder weather but also because of years of inadequate maintenanfce by the County Council. One of the things people get justifiably annoyed about is that potholes and other problems such as pavement holes sometimes get mended superficially, but […]

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Recycling Champions

by Amanda Taylor on 26 January, 2010

I had an interesting meeting last week with Mark Buckton, who is recruiting a team of Recycling Champions in Cambridge. The Champions will be volunteers who promote recycling, passing on news and tips to their friends and neighbours. Every tin can, newspaper or potato peeling that isn’t recycled has to go to landfill. Methane from […]

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The Haiti disaster is equivalent to the entire population of Cambridge being destroyed. We can help. The 35 artist members of the Cambridge Arts Movement, based at the Williams Art gallery at 5 Dale’s Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge CB1 2LJ are each donating a piece of artwork to be auctioned for the DEC Haiti Disaster […]

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