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 This Thursday, the South Area Committee meets at the British Legion Hall, Fisher Lane, and will be deciding on environmental improvement grants. These grants are funds to improve the appearances of an area visible to the public. We will be considering a range of bids, from  hanging flower baskets in Cherry Hinton to the Trumpington […]

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Bus cuts campaign

by Amanda Taylor on 8 November, 2009

Stagecoach, the major bus operator in Cambridge, has announced changes to services, as reported previously. The changes include cutting two services, the Citi 2 and Citi 7, which will go down from six an hour to four. The changes are set to take effect on 29th November. There has been no consultation with the public, […]

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David Howarth to stand down at the General Election

by Amanda Taylor on 6 November, 2009

It is with sadness that I post the news that the Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, David Howarth, has decided not to defend his seat at the forthcoming General Election. I have known David since I arrived in Cambridge in 1992, he was my Group Leader on the City Council for ten years, and always […]

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Gordon Brown, from Mr Bean to Mr Mean

by Amanda Taylor on 2 November, 2009

Gordon Brown has proposed the meanest attack on children since Maggie Thatcher the Milk Snatcher. Since 2005, working parents have been able to save on childminder and nursery costs via a childcare vouchers scheme. It’s a salary sacrifice scheme that means you don’t pay tax or national insurance on childcare up to a certain amount […]

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November bus changes

by Amanda Taylor on 18 October, 2009

I have been notified* of changes to Stagecoach and Whippet bus services from Sunday 29 November 2009. The table shows which services are changing and the impact of that change. Bus changes No 09 One change that affects us is to the Citi 1 and Citi 2 routes. The Citi 1 will now go down […]

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Celebration of Apples

by Amanda Taylor on 15 October, 2009

On Saturday 17th October, the Rock Road Library Gardeners will be holding a Celebration of Apples from 11 am to 1 pm, to raise funds for developing the garden. There will also be a plant sale and cake stall. For more info, see the Rock Road Library Garden website or contact [email protected]

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Nightingale Avenue Recreation Ground

by Amanda Taylor on 7 October, 2009

Lib Dem councillors had a conference in Queen Edith’s last Saturday, so we took the opportunity to show our colleagues ‘the sights’. We took the City Council’s Executive Councillor for Sports and Recreation, Julie Smith, to the Nightingale Avenue Recreation Ground to show her where the all-weather games area is to be. She noticed the poor […]

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Of chicken, ducks and geese … the ethics of eating

by Amanda Taylor on 6 October, 2009

Next Monday, the committee I chair, the Customer Services and Resources Scrutiny Committee (5.00pm, The Guildhall), will be considering a new procurement policy. Councillors will also be put on the spot as to the practical aspects of procurement and purchasing by a motion and a petition about types of food the Council buys or doesn’t […]

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Wulfstan Way to slow down

by Amanda Taylor on 30 September, 2009

Speeding traffic causes countless road accidents and makes the roads a hostile environment for bikes and pedestrians. So it’s good news that the County Council has changed its policy to allow 20mph speed limits in Cambridgeshire. City and county councillors have approved Wulfstan Way as the area to run a trial 20mph zone, on account […]

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Beware of black bag robbers

by Amanda Taylor on 23 September, 2009

Bags of clothes intended for Clothes Aid have been stolen from one or more doorsteps on the Gunhild Estate. This type of crime has been known in Cambridgeshire before and is particularly nasty as it is stealing not only from the people kind enough to donate their goods, but from the beneficiaries of the charities […]

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