Advice surgery this Saturday

I’ll be at the St James’s Church coffee morning this Saturday doing an informal advice surgery from 10.30 to 11.30am. If you have any questions about the area or problems that need sorting out, or good ideas to improve the areas, please drop in and say hallo. If I can’t give you an answer right away, I’ll do my best to find out.


Online surgery

With the other Lib Dem councillors in the ward, I hold a monthly advice surgery. Normally we have our surgeries in Wulfstan Way on a Saturday morning, either at St James’s Church when they have a coffee morning on, or at the Coffee House down the road. For details, see here:

We find it is a good way to keep in touch, whether it’s about an individual issue or something affecting the area generally.

While Saturday morning suits a lot of people, I know that some people work on Saturdays and of course, some may be less mobile, or have young children, which makes even going a few hundred metres a bit of an expedition.

So, to take advantage of the fantastic Shape Your Place site, I’ve been working with our local community communications officer Ashley Whittaker and I’ll be hosting a Live Surgery here on ShapeYourPlace on Tuesday 12th November from 1-1pm.

Good ideas are very welcome, you don’t need to have a problem and I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Please ask your questions or make your suggestions using the comments function on the website and I will answer as many as I can in the alloted hour. Just look out for the Live Surgery blogpost at the top of the Cambridge ShapeYourPlace page.

I will try to answer questions about matters outside the Queen Edith’s area as best I can, although I may need to make enquiries before giving you an answer.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on ShapeYourPlace on the 19th!

Advice surgery with an armadillo

armadillo-7657The Liberal Democrats in Queen Edith’s hold a regular advice surgery once a month. It’s my turn this Saturday, and I shall be at St James’s Church in Wulfstan Way between 10.30 and 11.30am. Our surgery craftily coincides with the church’s own coffee morning / bring & buy sale on too, so you can have a drink and a cake at the same time.

Please come with any questions about local issues, or ideas. As a county councillor, I have best access to the county council officers handling education, transport, libraries, social care and children’s services but I’ll do my best to help with any other matters too.

If I don’t have the answers on the spot, I’ll do my best to find out or share your question with someone who knows more than I do.

So where does the armadillo come in?

The Government has given Cambridge £8.2 million of  funding for investment in Dutch-style cycling, with the objective of getting more people cycling. One of the projects the Council is considering is segregated cycle lanes on Hills Road between the Cherry Hinton and Long Road junctions. Others are in Huntingdon Road and Trumpington Road.

I’ve been talking to transport officers at the County Council, particularly about the Hills Road scheme. They’ll be starting a two-stage Royal College Stconsultation on the proposals soon, once options have been costed. Initially they are looking for information on journey patterns, routes etc and will then draw up detailed proposals taking into account people’s comments. They’ll be consulting residents, also businesses and other institutions.

The cycle lanes would be marked by traffic separators, dubbed ‘armadillos’ by cycling afficionados. They keep cars out of the cycle lanes but because they are spaced out they allow cyclists to go into the main part of the road when they need to. Here is an example of them in use in Royal College Street, Camden.

Intrigued, I asked to see an armadillo. I concede it’s a similar shape to the Dasypodidae, and hopefully it’s as tough. It was certainly very heavy, asarmadillo I found out when I carried it home! I’ll be bringing one along to my surgery on Saturday: if you’re interested in the segregated cycle scheme, please call in for a chat.

Second Saturday of the month, 10.30-11.30am. At St James’s Wulfstan Way when they have a coffee morning on, otherwise at the Coffee House.

CAB Advice Hub points

Advice hub

Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau and has 16 touch screen kiosks giving advice on a range of issues, including housing, employment, debt and benefits. The kiosks make it easier for people to get advice, by providing it where people are, and in a variety of languages. Nine of them are earmarked for Cambridge City, funded by Cambridge City Council.

There are kiosks at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the City Council’s Mandela House amongst other locations, and the CAB is looking for some more places in the city to put kiosks. They are visiting the City Council’s South Area meeting on 7th November to gather feedback. The meeting, open to all, starts at 7 p.m. and this item will be taken after public questions and the police report. If you cannot attend the meeting, do send any thoughts to me or one of the other councillors for Queen Edith’s, Trumpington or Cherry Hinton.

Download an agenda: