Wort’s Causeway: Council digging holes

Wort's Causeway dig 1People livingĀ in or travelling through Wort’s Causeway may have noticed the fields on each side being dug up. The previously tranquil meadows are now pitted with trenches and orange netting, as well as a jolly blue loo on the western side of the road.

Wort's Causeway Dig 5This is part of an archaeological survey, being carried out at this time of year while the fields are free of crops to establish whether there is anything of archaeological interest in the location.

The archaeologists will be on site until Friday and there will then backfilling work for a few more days.

Wort's Causeway Dig 5

The status of the land is still green belt until and unless the Local Plan determines otherwise. As Queen Edith’s county councillor I have made other councillors aware of the strong local opposition to development. When the land was discussed at the Council last year, I said it was insensitive (not to mention rash) to do any work relating to future building on this land before the Plan was settled. You can read my comments here.Wort's Causeway 4

The Tory councillors ignored objections this and gave officers the go-ahead to draw up a business case for future development. They are primarily interested in the revenue potential of the land rather than its community asset value.

I am nevertheless assured by the powers that be that ‘nothing has happened’ on the scheme. I shall continue to investigate, as it certainly doesn’t look like’ nothing’ to me.