It’s not just the clocks you need to check on Sunday


This is just a quick reminder that this Sunday, 25th March, The UK will switch to British Summer Time at 1am on Sunday morning, meaning people will effectively lose an hour’s sleep. 

The change will mean there is more daylight in the evenings but less in the mornings.

Most electronic devices these days will change the time for you, so you’ve no need to worry but I want to make sure residents do not miss that extra hour.

When changing your clocks manually, it is also a good time to check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can save your loved ones’ lives as well as your own.

Smoke alarms provide the best early warning system in the event of a fire by combining smoke detection and alarm sounding in one unit.

For further information on these lifesaving devices go here.

Cambridge recycling just gets better and better!


Cambridge residents are now recycling 44% of household waste, just under 700 tonnes a month, and up 3% on last year, before the blue bins arrived. The City Council will be offering three extra recycling services in May and June:

  1. a battery bag to attach to your bin at home
  2. plastic ‘pots, tubs & trays’ collections from supermarkets
  3. small electrical goods from supermarkets

The Council will get some money from the batteries for local services, but the main benefit is that the batteries will stay out of landfill and not contaminate our water.
So hang on to your batteries till May so we can get the service off to a flying start.

To hear all about the new scheme, come to the next Area Meeting on 18th May at the Queen Edith Chapel.