Real Time Information: Queen Edith’s bus stops

Real Time Information is the technical term for the lighted panels at bus stops that tell you how long your bus will take to arrive. Quite handy when you are trying to work out whether to get the bus that doesn’t take you quite where you want to go, or wait for the next direct one; or even to decide whether or not you’d be quicker just walking.

We’ve been asked for views on which of the following stops benefit, or would benefit most from RTI displays. If you use buses from these stops, please give us your views:

  • Mowbray Road opposite Mander Way (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Mander Way (outbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Glebe Road (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road opposite Glebe Road (outbound)
  • Mowbray Road near Holbrook Road (inbound)
  • Mowbray Road opposite Holbrook Road (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way opposite no 13 (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way outside no 13 (inbound)
  • Wulfstan Way opposite Queen Edith Chapel (outbound)
  • Wulfstan Way outside Queen Edith Chapel (inbound)

Liberal Democrats launch petition against Tory bus cuts

Why are we waiting?

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have launched a petition to reverse the Tories’ 100 per cent cuts to rural bus services.

The petition, started by Liberal Democrat county councillor Susan van der Ven, “Stopping the cuts to bus services in Cambridgeshire” reads:

“We the people of Cambridgeshire are opposed to the Conservative County Council’s decision to scrap 100% of funding for subsidised buses, which led to an application for Judicial Review.

“Socially necessary bus services are vital to the whole of Cambridgeshire, especially for young people who need to access to centres of employment, those with mobility issues who wish to access the wider community and its resources, and for tackling the root problem of ‘rural isolation’.

“We also believe that the “Cambridgeshire Future Transport” project, to which half of bus funding has been transferred, is fundamentally flawed and not capable of delivering an adequate replacement for the existing public transport network, never mind the improved system that has been promised.

“We call on the Conservative administration to reinstate 100% of the cuts to bus funding and to conduct a systematic view of Cambridgeshire residents’ transport needs before making any changes to it.”

The petition can be found here:

The Guided Bus: the latest bus ever and the highest fare?

Guided Bus

Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that the long-awaited Cambridgeshire Guided Busway will finally open on 7th August.Better late than never. It is incredible that the project has overrun by two years. It is the longest busway in the world in more ways than one.

And we are appalled that the cost looks likely to go up to £187 million, with local people left to pay for £71 million of this. So much for the Conservatives’ promise at the beginning of the project that ‘not one penny” of taxpayers’ money would be needed to pay for the busway’. The Guided Bus will link the north of Cambridgeshire with the Cambridge Science Park, Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge railway station, so we hope that it will relieve traffic congestion not only in this area, but on the A14. Here is a plan of the route.

The Guided Bus timetables can be viewed the County Council website: