Call-in councillors

The following county councillors requested that the Full Council review the decision to allow Kora to open an Enterprise Centre at Cambridge Central Library: 12 Liberal Democrats, 6 Labour, 4 Independents and 4 UKIP.

1. Cllr Scutt
2. Cllr Kavanagh
3. Cllr Sales
4. Cllr Taylor
5. Cllr Manning
6. Cllr Cearns
7. Cllr Mason
8. Cllr Ashwood
9. Cllr Jenkins
10. Cllr Leeke
11. Cllr van de Ven
12. Cllr Downes
13. Cllr Shellens
14. Cllr Williams
15. Cllr Hipkin
16. Cllr Giles
17. Cllr Lay
18. Cllr Divine
19. Cllr Bywater
20. Cllr Ashcroft
21. Cllr Wilson
22. Cllr Nethsingha
23. Cllr Onasanya
24. Cllr Walsh
25. Cllr Crawford
26. Cllr Van De Kerkhove

+ Cllr Gillick, whose request was received after the 3-day deadline

Tory Park and Ride parking charges: back to the drawing board

P&ROn Tuesday, Cambridgeshire County Council‘s all-Conservative Cabinet approved bringing in parking charges at the five Park & Ride sites in Cambridge.

Yesterday, I was one of a group of opposition councillors (Liberal Democrats plus a few Labour) who called the decision in, to have it looked at by a committee comprising councillors from all parties represented on the Council.

Today the Council’s Overview & Scrutiny COmmittee disapproved the unpopular move. Before any charges are levied, there must be:

  • consultation / engagement with districts/city and users
  • a proper assessment of risks and other options
  • consideration of whether this is a “key decision” as it is a strategic change to start charging

We haven’t won the war yet, but this is a victory for people power and the principle of the public having a voice over their services.