Enough Food for Everyone IF

IFThe world produces enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food.

Today, I attended the Cambridge launch of the ‘Enough Food for Everyone If‘ campaign at Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge, together with a crowd of people including some the city’s campaigning organizations, including the Humanitarian Centre, World Development Movement, members of Great St Mary’s,  and fellow members of Cambridge Fairtrade Steering Group.

Steve Jones from the Humanitarian Centre eloquently described the scandal that in our ‘developed’ society, one in eight people in the world goes to bed hungry, and the two million needless child deaths every year due to malnutrition. The Mayor of Cambridge, Cllr Sheila Stuart also addressed the meeting, and declared her support for the campaign.

The IF campaign is a coming together of UK-based organisations, including Oxfam, who share the vision of a world where everyone has enough to eat. We also have huge ambitions: to reach 20 million people across the UK with our message and inspire 5 million of them to get involved.

The catalyst for the campaign is the next G8 summit of world leaders, taking place in Britain this June, and the desire to lobby politicians and government leaders to impress on them the desperate urgency to put things right. The campaign has four main (more…)

How would you improve transport in the south of Cambridge?

Transport and traffic are two of the hottest topics of debate in Cambridge. So I know there are lots of ideas for improving transport. Now it looks as though we may be able to put some of them into practice.

By law (Town & Country Planning Act 1990), councils may require money from developers to offset the impact of their developments. As this is laid out in Section 106 of the Act, the contribution is dubbed ‘Section 106 money’ by councillors. I do not know what the developers call it.

Cambridgeshire County Council is asking us for our ideas on how this money should be spent in the south of Cambridge. Projects should ‘mitigate the effect of the additional transport-related movements from new development’. The officers have come up with two proposals already:

  • a link between the Hills Road Bridge and the Guided Busway cycle route
  • a clean-up of signage on the ring road

They are asking us for further suggestions, and we shall be discussing proposals at the next South Area Committee on 5th March (Cherry Hinton Village Centre). So please let me have your brilliant ideas – come to the meeting too, if you can, as it is open to everyone.  If you’d like to join in the discussion, why not post a comment here?

OK, I’ll get things started: My idea is signage and low-level lighting on the Guided Bus cycleway. What’s yours?