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Busway lighting coming at last

by Amanda Taylor on 21 March, 2015

Walkers and cyclists on the track alongside the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway should be able to see where they are going this winter, thanks to new LED lights to be installed over the next few months. The lights are being funded by local developers. This is the result of a long-running campaign to make the route […]

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It is frustrating to report that the County Council’s Economy & Environment Committee refused last week to approve extra funding required for lights on the Guided Busway bridleway, instead voting to defer the decision until the committeeā€™s next meeting (September). Even if the lighting gets the OK then, the delay will mean the lights cannot […]

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Lighting up time for the Guided Busway

by Amanda Taylor on 31 May, 2014

Most people in Cambridgeshire have heard of the Guided Busway that runs between Trumpington, Huntingdon and St Ives ā€“ even if not always for the reasons its creators would like. Sadly, one of the country’s most ambitious transport projects has been blighted by poor project management, leading to legal wrangles that have cost the county […]

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South Area councillors support cycling schemes

by Amanda Taylor on 8 September, 2012

Transport was on the agenda again at this week’s South Area Committee meeting ā€“ councillors were receiving a report on transport projects from the County Council. Highways officers had assessed projects proposed by local people last March, and assigned them scores. My Light the Cycleway proposal, to light the bridleway running alongside the Guided Busway, […]

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It was a pleasant surprise to come back from holiday to see that the County Council has given top billing to my proposal for lighting the Guided Bus cycleway in a report going to Cambridge councillors tomorrow night (Wednesday 5th Sept). This year I have been leading a campaign calling for better lighting along the […]

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Good news! I am delighted to learn that Cambridgeshire County Council is going to build a link between the Hills Road Bridge and the Guided Busway cycle route. They have agreed to build a series of steps from the southern Busway Cycle route to the Hills Road Bridge. This will mean that people can avoid […]

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Today I presented the petition for lighting the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway to the Conservative Cabinet of Cambridgeshire County Council. It closed on just over 230 signatures, 150 on line and 80+ on paper. A great show of support. The petition’s main focus was on low-level lighting for safety reasons, but it included requests for signs […]

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How would you improve transport in the south of Cambridge?

by Amanda Taylor on 25 January, 2012

Transport and traffic are two of the hottest topics of debate in Cambridge. So I know there are lots of ideas for improving transport. Now it looks as though we may be able to put some of them into practice. By law (Town & Country Planning Act 1990), councils may require money from developers to […]

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