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Wort’s Causeway: Council digging holes

by Amanda Taylor on 29 September, 2015

People living in or travelling through Wort’s Causeway may have noticed the fields on each side being dug up. The previously tranquil meadows are now pitted with trenches and orange netting, as well as a jolly blue loo on the western side of the road. This is part of an archaeological survey, being carried out at […]

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Don’t play Bob the Builder with the Green Belt!

by Amanda Taylor on 7 February, 2014

Last week, the Tory-led Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet voted to start putting together a business case for developing housing on Wort’s Causeway. The County owns 8.5 hectares of land to the south of Wort’s Causeway, known in the Local Plan consultation as GB2, GB1 being a slightly smaller parcel of land to the north. I […]

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The draft local plan and the green belt

by Amanda Taylor on 22 August, 2013

Cambridge  City Council has published its draft Local Plan, which sets the framework for future development in the city, and now is the time to give your views on it, for the government Planning Inspectorate to consider. By law, local authorities must set a Local Plan for their areas, stipulating what kind of development can […]

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The green belt and the Cambridge Local Plan

by Amanda Taylor on 18 April, 2013

As I have been canvassing in this election, many people have asked me where I stand on the Cambridge Local Plan proposals – particularly the development sites in the Queen Edith’s area (Wort’s Causeway) which are currently in the Green Belt. If elected to the County Council, I would not have a vote on this […]

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Commenting on the Cambridge Local Plan

by Amanda Taylor on 17 February, 2013

There are just a few days left to comment on the Cambridge Local Plan review, if you haven’t already. It is important for this area, as there are proposals to release land near Wort’s Causeway for housing – over 500 housing units between two sites shown on the map here. Hundreds of people have commented, […]

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By law, local authorities must set a Local Plan for their areas, stipulating what kind of development can take place where. It covers employment and leisure facilities as well as housing, so it very much determines where people live and work and how they get about. It is the master document against which individual planning […]

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