Making Cambridgeshire a better place to live: the Liberal Democrat programme

We in Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have launched our manifesto for the forthcoming County Council elections, which sets out how we would make the county a better place for people to live in its cities, towns and villages.

We would do so by providing better basic services, making it easier for people to get around, and looking after our environment, in stark contrast to the Conservative administration.

Leader of Cambs Lib Dems Cllr Kilian Bourke explained: “Cambridgeshire’s economy depends on quality of life more than any other shire county in England, and the Conservatives just do not get this.

“Unlike the coal industry, which tends to stay near where the coal is, an economy based on knowledge and research requires people and companies to choose to come here and to stay here as well. If their needs and desire are not being met they can and will go elsewhere.”

“The crucial economic role of local government in this equation is to maintain and enhance quality of life by providing good public services, which is something that the local Conservatives have comprehensively failed to do.” (more…)