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Hills Road is to be resurfaced this month, all the way between Cherry Hinton Road and Fendon Road. This is the result of a campaign by former county councillor Geoff Heathcock – a great result to conclude his time in office! It is badly needed, as anyone who drives or cycles along Hills Road knows […]

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South Area Parking Plan exhibitions next week

by Amanda Taylor on 19 November, 2012

FLAMSTEED ROAD SCOUT HUT NEXT MONDAY, TRUMPINGTON VILLAGE HALL NEXT THURSDAY Most residents of Queen Edith’s will know that parking is a big problem in this area. Lib Dem councillors have for many years been calling for action from Conservative-run Cambridgeshire County Council, the council responsible for parking management and highways. Last summer the County […]

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Delay after delay on parking review

by Amanda Taylor on 18 October, 2012

County Councillor Geoff Heathcock has taken up the slow progress on our parking review with Cambridgeshire County Council‘s Tory Cabinet Member responsible for Highways, Tony Orgee. Cllr Heathcock has with the rest of the Queen Edith’s Focus Team been pushing for a parking review but progress has been too slow, leaving residents frustrated. He raised […]

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Parking Plan comes to Queen Edith’s, 30th August

by Amanda Taylor on 10 August, 2012

Are you plagued with too much parking in your street? Well, there’s a fine rhetorical question. I would be able to get a ‘yes’ answer to that question in almost any street in Queen Edith’s. We have some very big traffic generators: Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road and Long Road VI Form Colleges. So – lots […]

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