Guided Busway lights are going in!

Cones for the trenches for the lights

Cones for the trenches for the lights

Amanda with one of the new light columns

The new lights are in hand!

At long last, work has begun to instal lights on the bridleway along the Guided Busway.

This is the culmination of a campaign that started in 2012, with a LightTheCycleway! petition presented to the Conservative County Council Cabinet requesting lighting on the southern section of the Busway, between the railway station and Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Trenching work began on Monday near the Hauxton Road bridge, and column positions have been marked out this week. The plan is to complete the lighting by the autumn, in time for the darker evenings. Here’s a County Council document with more information.

See background on the reasons for the lighting.


Are you ready for the Tour de France?

le-tour-riders2012In less than seven weeks, the Tour de France comes to Cambridge on Monday July 7th. All very exciting for those who follow competitive cycling – but even if you’re not a fan, have you thought about how you’ll get out about that day?

There are several road closures that day, including Hills Road and Trumpington Road, and many schools are closed for the day, including Morley Memorial, Netherhall, St Bede’s and Coleridge. Schools are announcing changes as I write, so I will update this page as I receive new information. (more…)

Liberal Democrat minister launches cycle-rail toolkit

Norman Baker MP, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, has launched a Cycle Rail Toolkit aimed at providing thousands of cyclists with easy access to rail travel.

The Toolkit, produced in partnership with the Train Operating Companies and cycling groups, will provide specific guidance to railway companies on how they should improve cycle-rail integration. It includes clear recommendations on ‘U’ shaped channels, which should run out at ground level, a key issue among cyclists at Cambridge station.

It comes after the Minister announced an extra £7 million for cycle-rail integration earlier this year, on top of the new £560 million Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Commenting, Julian Huppert, Member of Parliament for Cambridge and Co-Chair of the Lib Dem Transport Committee, said “I am delighted that the Government is pushing forward with proper cycle-rail integration. “I’ve worked very closely with the Minister over the last few months to make the case for better investment in cycling provision. For far too long cycling has been at the bottom of the transport agenda, and investments have been, at best, ill-considered, and at worst a mere sop to us cyclists.

“It’s fantastic to finally have a Minister of State who listens to the concerns of cyclists, and is willing to push for proper investment from both the Government and the Train Operating Companies. I will now push very hard for Greater Anglia to adopt these proposals, and sort out the cycling provision at Cambridge station.”

Trying out the new cycle racks at Cambridge Station

Cycle parking at Cambridge train station has been a bone of contention amongst cyclists for many years. There are not enough spaces for the bikes available, a problem caused partly by the fact some bikes are left behind by their owners when they leave Cambridge, and never collected. Because the parking is cramped, it’s also easy for bikes to get damaged by others. Finding your bike at night if you get home late is an interesting challenge!

So it’s good news that the train operator Greater Anglia has got together with Cambridgeshire County Council to instal some new racks.

To get the best use from the space, they are double-decker, and the train company and council are looking for opinions of how easy they are to use. There are a number of different designs, and your views could inform future cycle provision at the station and further afield. To comment on the new rack, log on to

I first visited on Wednesday evening. As my bike is too heavy to lift above shoulder height, I used one of the ground floor racks (Type 4) – easy to attach a D-lock to, and the bike stood up well. The higher racks were reasonably full too , so I guess they would be fine for those with longer arms and legs!

Today, there was a special event at the station – at the request of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign. I visited with Jean Swanson, and we bumped into Philip Tucker, a Lib Dem councillor in Castle Ward, who helpfully put my bike on one of the ‘upstairs’ racks.

Great to be able to park in a decent rack for once – a big improvement that’s been needed for a long time.