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Cambridgeshire County Council: making a start on yellow lines

by Amanda Taylor on 23 November, 2012

Cambridgeshire County Council is the council responsible for parking management, and they manage the budgets and the authority for parking restrictions, residents’ parking schemes, and meters. So it is the Highways people at Shire Hall to whom we turn when we need help to sort out parking problems, not the Guildhall.

In response to local demand and campaigning, the County are at last about to advertise parking restrictions, or extensions of existing restrictions in a number of streets in Queen Edith’s:

Traffic Regulation Orders were advertised in the Cambridge News last Friday, and the public consultation period lasts until 17th December. Click on each street to download a diagram showing the present and proposed yellow lines and times of day they apply.

These are just some of the streets in Queen Edith’s with parking problems. We suffer from a number of large traffic generators, including Addenbrooke’s Hospital and two sixth-form colleges, all drawing staff and pupils from rural Cambridgeshire villages with sketchy public transport provision.

The County is displaying its proposals for the South Cambridge Parking Plan. There has already been an exhibition in Queen Edith’s and ther are two more next week: Monday at the Scout Hut in Flamsteed Road, and Thursday at Trumpington Village Hall. Both 2.30-7.45 pm. Do go along and see the bigger picture and comment on the thinking so far.

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