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With the other Lib Dem councillors in the ward, I hold a monthly advice surgery. Normally we have our surgeries in Wulfstan Way on a Saturday morning, either at St James’s Church when they have a coffee morning on, or at the Coffee House down the road. For details, see here:

We find it is a good way to keep in touch, whether it’s about an individual issue or something affecting the area generally.

While Saturday morning suits a lot of people, I know that some people work on Saturdays and of course, some may be less mobile, or have young children, which makes even going a few hundred metres a bit of an expedition.

So, to take advantage of the fantastic Shape Your Place site, I’ve been working with our local community communications officer Ashley Whittaker and I’ll be hosting a Live Surgery here on ShapeYourPlace on Tuesday 12th November from 1-1pm.

Good ideas are very welcome, you don’t need to have a problem and I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Please ask your questions or make your suggestions using the comments function on the website and I will answer as many as I can in the alloted hour. Just look out for the Live Surgery blogpost at the top of the Cambridge ShapeYourPlace page.

I will try to answer questions about matters outside the Queen Edith’s area as best I can, although I may need to make enquiries before giving you an answer.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on ShapeYourPlace on the 19th!

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