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by admin on 4 November, 2014

The new Party President of the Liberal Democrats is Baroness Sal Brinton, who for many years worked and lived in Cambridge, including a spell in Cavendish Avenue. Sal stood twice for Parliament in South East Cambridgeshire before moving to Watford and was Education Spokes and Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Cambridgeshire County Council.

But her experience is not limited to politics: she started her career working on Dr Who and Playschool, and later worked as Bursar at two university colleges as well as running local charities, eg Christian Blind Mission.
Sal said: “I am honoured to have been elected President by the members of the Liberal Democrats.
“My role will be to represent the members, and make the changes that they want happen.
“My first priority will be to move the renowned campaign fighting ability of the Lib Dems into top gear, so that we win more seats in both Westminster and in councils across the UK in the General and Local Elections.”

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