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COVID cycling/walking schemes

by admin on 20 June, 2020

Thank you to the many people who have given their feedback on the Greater Cambridge Partnership walking/ cycling schemes for this area: Nightingale Avenue, Red Cross Lane, Luard Road and the Hills Road Bridge.

I and the other councillors received several emails every day in the week the proposals were announced: apologies to those we have not replied to yet, as we are still working our way through them all. Thanks also to the people who have telephoned, and to those who met us in Nightingale Park last Monday.

It is clear that while many people support the idea of making Nightingale Avenue and Luard Road safer for walking and cycling in, they would prefer to see traffic calming or cycle lanes — and it’s clear that closing the roads to cars at all times would cause a lot of problems for residents making local journeys.

The entire programme of walking and cycling schemes was discussed at the County Council Highways & Transport meeting on Tuesday. Nancy Beech of Hills Road spoke to the committee about Nightingale Avenue, and as a councillor on that committee, I reported local concerns about the scheme.

Councillors are meeting the GCP project officer this week, and we will be sharing the views of local residents. We hope we can get them to change their minds and make the schemes more in line with local people’s wishes.

You can watch the meeting on the County Council’s Youtube channel at Discussion on the Nightingale Avenue proposal starts about 2 hours 50 mins into the meeting..

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