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Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders? All You Need to Know

by admin on 1 July, 2020

Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) are the talk of Cambridge at the moment. We wanted to let you know what they mean for you — and for Queen Edith’s.

Recently, the national government gave local authorities funding to help people travel safely during the pandemic. Many of the schemes implemented with this funding are Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders — temporary changes, approved recently by Cambridgeshire County Council, that are brought in without a consultation period. The first six months after changes are made is the consultation period — changes and even full reversal are possible during this time.

Two of the schemes in Queen Edith’s are the closure of through traffic on Nightingale Avenue and Luard Road. We understand the lack of consultation is annoying, and we continue to stand up for your right to be consulted. We also continue to push for specific changes — such as asking that the schemes only operate during peak times — and have received assurances that emergency vehicles will still be able to use the roads. We are also recommending traffic calming measures on Nightingale Avenue, and seeking more information on how accessibility and safety for cyclists will be guaranteed.

A number of the specific details concerning Nightingale Avenue and Luard Road are still to be decided — we will keep you updated as things progress.

Neither councillors nor local residents were consulted about which streets would benefit from being made more cycle/pedestrian-friendly. Had we been asked, we would have included roads such as Red Cross Lane. We encourage all Queen Edith’s residents to make their views known on these schemes. You do this by emailing the County Council at [email protected].


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