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Robin Hood junction improvements

by admin on 18 February, 2021

Here is the County Council‘s latest update on the works at the Robin Hood junction, showing what work has been taking place, and what’s coming next:

Work done in the last week

Northwest Corner – Cherry Hinton Road to junction with High Street

Install kerbs and path edgings
Install chambers, ducts and socketsInstall drainage – gully pots and connections
Commence reinstatement of footpaths

Southeast Corner – Fulbourn Road to Junction with Queen Edith’s Way

Excavate existing verge and footpath to formation whilst avoiding numerous underground services.
Remove existing post and rail fence adjacent to the nature reserve.

Significant Issues:
Discussions still taking place around the installation of fibre ducting within the junction.
Road traffic collision occurred last weekend. Vehicle left the road and demolished a utility cabinet and illuminated road sign in the verge at the corner of High Street and Fulbourn Road.

Traffic management system was manned between 0700 and 1900 all this week to monitor traffic and attend to any technical issues arising with the temporary traffic signals, although no problems were encountered.   

Work to be completed in the next week

Northwest Corner – Cherry Hinton Road to Junction with High Street

Continue installation of new chambers, sockets and ducts including additional work.
Continue with kerbing and footpath edgings.
Continue reinstatement of footpaths.

Southeast Corner – Fulbourn Road to Junction with Queen Edith’s Way

Continue excavation of verge and footpaths to formation.
Commence kerbing and footpath edgings.  

Works on programme

Discussions are still taking place at the Council to assess the impact of installing additional fibre ducting within the junction.

9 Responses

  1. Tony Tarrant says:

    My only thought is that conversations over whether to install additional ducts for fibre should have happened months ago to avoid any potential delay. I do hope any ducts required for the planned business park extension further west are being installed as part of these works. Ducts cost nothing so whenever the road is opened they should be installed.

    • I know conversations have been going on for a long time — negotiations between the Council and utility companies have been challenging in the past. I dont know about the business park extension as it’s outside my division, but I’ve asked for more information.

  2. Nisha ryles says:

    Great….sounds like things are moving on splendidly.
    I wonder if anyone could shed some light on why the lights freeze so often before 7am. It’s really dangerous. Drivers are all at a standstill for such a ling time, then they just move whenever.
    For the sake of safely, could the lights issue please be addressed?

    Much appreciated

  3. Garry Marshall says:

    Works. I haven’t seen any yet. Apart from getting constantly stuck at red lights. That don’t change

  4. Amanda Walker says:

    Thanks for the update. So we will have shiny new junctions either end of Queen Edith’s Way, but no upgrade for QEW itself (for many years not great for cars, treacherous for cyclists and pedestrians. Worse if social distancing is to continue)

    • You are right — and we have had some serious accidents on Queen Edith’s Way. There is funding for cycle lanes but the council’s proposals have been rejected by local residents. We are awaiting fresh designs following further consultation.

  5. Ollie Batts says:

    Interesting how when the lights at the Church were out of operation recently, everyone simply reverted to using the junction like a roundabout (giving way to other traffic coming from their right), and the traffic flowed wonderfully!

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks for the updates, do you have any idea of the proposed end date of these works please?

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