Cambridge South Area meeting packed out for police and parking

It was standing room only at the Cherry Hinton Village Centre at last night’s South Area meeting, mainly with people from Queen Edith’s who were there to quiz traffic officers from the Tory-run Cambridgeshire County Council about parking.

Queen Edith’s is home to some venerable institutions such as Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Homerton College and both Hills Road and Long Road VI Form Colleges. All of them are excellent – and all of them are big traffic generators. Either to save money paying for hospital parking, or because there is no parking at the colleges, the cars park in neighbouring streets. Some residents say it’s like the ‘Addenbrooke’s Overflow Car Park’.


School parking is a police priority

Children have a right to be able to walk or cycle to school in safety.

At the recent South Area meeting, Lib Dem councillors called for police to take a tougher approach towards people parking illegally and dangerously outside schools.

The South Cambridge Neighbourhood Community Police Team has been targeting dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside Morley Memorial and Queen Edith’s Primary Schools since last September, telling people when they are parking where they shouldn’t be.

Policing outside these schools will continue, but now the police will be issuing tickets for parking offences as opposed to merely ‘advising’ motorists.

They will also start observing parking outside Homerton Children’s Centre on Holbrook Road and the Perse Pelican Pre-Prep in Glebe Road.

The tougher approach is necessary. Children have a right to be able to walk or cycle to school safely. The police will be visiting at the beginning and end of the school day, but they cannot be everywher at once. If you spot parking on junctions or worse still, yellow zigzags, ring the police on their new non-emergency number, 101.

South Cambridge Policing Priorities

At the South Cambridge Area meeting this week (7th November), police agreed two new priorities:

  • attending the Morley and Queen Edith’s Primary Schools and Homerton Children’s Centre to crack down on illegal or dangerous driving and parking
  • cycle theft in Trumpington, as there has been a big increase in the last few months, mainly in Hills Road

They will continue with these objectives from the last quarter, slightly adapted to take account of offenders moving from one area to another:

  • moped misuse in Queen Edith’s and Cherry Hinton
  • anti-social behaviour and drug misuse in Cherry Hinton

Thanks to Mrs Ann Winter from Queen Edith’s, who addressed the meeting about the problems experienced with bad driving and parking in Godwin Way (the road where Queen Edith’s Primary School is). The petition for yellow lines on the Godwin Way/ Close corner now has nearly 50 signatures: do sign it if you haven’t already. Thanks to Layla Vandenbergh, who has put it on line on the County Council’s website: I have paper copies to sign if anyone would like one.

Parking mayhem: Godwin Way residents call for yellow lines

Residents on Godwin Way and Godwin Close are concerned about poor parking by motorists, particularly on the corner of Godwin Close. This blocks the view for motorists and pedestrians and is particularly dangerous because there is a primary school on Godwin Way, the Queen Edith Primary School, taking children as young as three.

At a resident’s request, I have prepared a petition calling on the County Council to introduce parking controls, probably yellow lines on this corner – corners should of course not be parked on according to the Highway Code.

If you would like to sign, you can download the petition here: Parking_Godwin. The survey is also on line at the Cambridgeshire County Council website:

Rock Road Library signs up new supporters at school fête

School books

The Friends of Rock Road Library got together with Morley Memorial Primary School this afternoon to run a bookstall together at the Morley summer fête – with profits shared between library and school. As a Morley Mum as well as a Friend, I enjoyed taking part. (Certainly safer than going in the stocks at the opposite end of the playground). Thanks to Jo de Pledge for running this.

Some of the books had come from the last community event, the St John’s Church Summer Fair and the leftovers from today are going on to OXFAM. Nothing is wasted round here!

As well as buying books, visitors were invited to sign a petition to the Conservative County Council about maintaining the library, and to fill in a survey on what they could offer personally to help keep the library open.

Rock Road Library is holding a story session next Saturday. The theme is ‘Sea Stories’ and it starts at 10.30 am. Everyone welcome, no need to book and it’s free!